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    Help with Bubble Pulse effect

    nemci7v Level 1

      Hello Hope you don't mind if I ask for a little guidance again. I'm following several After Effects video tutorials, learning all the basics but I can't figure out how to adjust a text effect.


      I applied the Bubble Pulse effect on some text but I want it to start at 1 second. I tried putting the time indicator at 1 second and bringing the effect there but it still starts from 0. Then I tried using keyframes. At keyframe 1 I adjusted the effect to start as normal text and at 1 second begin the effect but the animation loops severeal between the 2 key frames. I'm not sure if I can show the animation once with a speed based on the time between the 2 keyframes.


      The last thing I tried is to create 2 text layer. 1 with normal text and the other with the Bubble Pulse. At 1 second the normal text ends and the effect starts. That would work fine but the Bubble Pulse loops. Is it possible to stop the loop?