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    I made an 11.5 projector in XP and it does not play well in Vista and 7


      I made a projector with Director 11.5 in Windows XP, it plays very well in XP but get Projector encounter error in Windows Vista and 7. I embedded all the dir files in the projector because another error encounter when the dir files are protected. This gives an error that says "unable to save the movie because it has a second user with write perssion using the movie" this I know is false because I am the only one playing the movie.



      Anyone with the idea of why a projector created in Windows XP will encounter error in Windows Vista and 7? Also anyone knows why protected dir files now dxr file will be assuming a second user is the dxr file when there is no second user on.


      Can anyone tell me if there are xtras needed to be added to a projector made in XP in order for it play in Windows Vista and windows 7?


      Thanks guys for your anticipated opinions and suggestions.