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    How To Update Custom ItemRenderer (Image) on DataGrid Edit


      I have an DataGrid with 2 columns, column 1 called "Name" and column 2 called "Actions".


      The "Name" column contains editable text and the "Actions" column uses a (inline) custom ItemRenderer which displays 2 icon images ( for Edit and Delete). All works fine. Clicking Edit or Delete calls the corrosponding outerDocument method.


      The feature I am trying to add is as follows: when someone double-clicks on the text in the Name column to edit it, I would like the edit icon in the Actions column to ( grow/shrink, change color  - or some such indication/reminder to click it ). Not seeing how to do this with the inline ItemRenderer, I created a custom item renderer class and, in that class, use mx:Resize to perform the "grow/shrink". I created a method called "pulse()" and, from within that renderer, all works well. ( for testing, I wired the icons click event to the pulse() method ). However, now I am not sure how to call that ItemRenderers "pulse()" method to perform the effect from the main DataGrid (when the user double-clicks on Name field to edit).


      The tried using the DataGrid's "itemEditBegin", which fires correctly, but from that point I am not sure how to access the selected rows edit icon in the "Action" column. ( to call its pulse() ) method.


      So any suggestions how I can achieve my end result? Being able to manipulate the edit icon in the "Actions" column, when the user double-clicks (edits) that row's "Name" column?


      If I'm going about it all wrong, feel free to offer alternative solutions.


      Any help would be appreciated.