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    SWF dowload very slow relative to larger JPG


      I have written a small Flex app - the swf is less than 1M bytes.
      My server side is using Tomcat with BlazeDS.
      It takes a LONG time (over 20s) for  browsers to download it.
      Just to compare, I put a 1.8M jpg on the same site and it downloads relatively quickly (~6s).

      (I used FireBug on FireFox 3.6 to measure download times, but its as  slow on Chrome and IE)

      Any idea what can make getting the swf so slow ???


      You can check the dowload  of the app from  http://galgefen.com/BlazeDS
      and the image from http://galgefen.com/BlazeDS/spicer-orchard.JPG