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    PUT operation generates 404 error via WebDAV connection in Dreamweaver


      Hello everyone,


      I've been searching answers for months without any results. I'm hopelessly frustrated... Please shed some light if you can.


      I set up a site in DW using WebDAV connection to connect to a remote web server (Windows 2003 IIS6). The connection was successful. Everything seems working fine (checkout, edit, checkin etc) until I tried to PUT an edited page to the remote site. The server gives a 404 error while I am 100% sure the file is still on the server. If I do a "CHECKIN" though, everything backs to normal. Also, this seems only happen to .asp files but not .html pages.


      There is no such problem if I use Local/Network connection for the same remote site. I also noticed that when I use Local/Network connection, checking out a file will create a filename.lck file on the remote server but there is no such file when using WebDAV connection. So DW must be using another locking mechanism. But such locking makes it as if the file had disappeared in the eyes of IIS server (404 not found).


      The same error occurs on PC and/or Mac. Also, I do not think it matters but this WebDAV connection is wrapped under SSL.

      Please help! Thanks!