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    Very simple image viewer

    Maii Lubacz

      Hi everyone,

      I just need some help on quite a basic topic.

      Essentially I want a very simple image viewer.

      There are small thumbnails on the right, when one of them is clicked, a enlarged version of that image shows up next to all the thumbnails. When another thumbnail is clicked, the new image replaces the previous. I have searched google however all I find are more complex image viewers which you download and link to a gallery... I need something much more basic then that.

      If you could please post or email me any actionscript code needed (aswell as brief instructions)  that would be great!

      Thank you.

      Michael (mlub@deakin.edu.au)

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          as2 or as3?

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            Maii Lubacz Level 1

            AS3 please




            *Edit - However in saying that if you only know a method for AS2 that will be fine


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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              the easiest way (but not the best) is to add your thumbnails to the stage and convert each to a movieclip, and give each an instance name that's related to the large image file that will load when the thumb is clicked.


              for example, if you have thumbs named image1,image2,...,image22 and imageN when clicked should cause images/imageN.jpg to load, you can use:


              var ldr:Loader=new Loader();

              var urlR:URLRequest=new URLRequest();

              addChild(ldr);  // assign x and y properties

              for(var i:uint=1;i<=22;i++){



              function loadF(e:MouseEvent){




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