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    Question about SAS harddrive configuration

    joshtownsend Level 2

      I have an idea about this but I knew it wouldn't hurt to ask the experts.


      Obviously I want to speed up my computer for feature and broadcast quality footage mainly shoot on DVCPRO HD 1080 1 gig a minute footage. It edits realtime right now until I add filter or link to After Effects and I know AE won't be realtime anytime soon. I also use Cinema 4d a lot, but the Adobe workflow is most important to me.


      So.... If I had ONE SAS harddrive (60-100) gigs, it would best be used as the boot drive right? Something no more than $300 dollars.


      But if I bought a second SAS should I use it as a project file disk? pagefile? or media cache? Or Raid 0 for my boot drive? What about the velociraptor 300?


      My media goes on a Raid 0 WD caviar black 7,200. I've never had a problem running DVCPRO HD 1080 on any hard drive but I do work uncompressed files and still sequences.


      Intel 9550 quad 2.87 OC to 3.6

      8 gigs DDR2 1066 Ram

      Asus p5q pro motherboard

      Various WD black Caviar harddrives


      I also want to look towards the future and switch to an i7 in a few months when a 6 core CPU becomes a little cheaper than a grand,


      Thanks guys