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    Click a button to start a movieclip and hide the previous one


      Hello everyone,


      I'm not used to Actionscript and I need your help


      Here the situation:


      In my scene, I have five buttons and each one will start a movie clip within the scene.

      So, I have only one frame for the entire scene( but four layers: button,background(with music), action and my last one is animation.

      My animation layer contains 5 movies clips that I putted outside the scene and when they play, they are entering the scene.


      Here my problem:


      Each time a click a button( with onPress or onRelease actionscript 2.0.), a movie clip starts(that's ok..)

      But, when I click an another button, I want the previous movieclip to stop and disappear. In my case, the new movieclip starts but over the last one who is still there.

      Furthermore, when I want to click on a button that had already been pressed, I want him to start over his movieclip. For now, I need to press it once again to cancel his movieclip and then press it again to start his clip.


      In resumé, all I want is that each time I press a button, the last movie clip disappear because the new one starts and an already been pushed button, when pushed again, starts his movie clip without the need of pushing it to cancel his first operation and then pushed it again.


      Thank you,



      P.S. Sorry if my english is bad, I'm a french guy.