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    fuzzy icon problems


      I am not much of an Illustrator user - just enough to get into hot water.


      I have a baby icon that I want to save as a transparent PNG.  Problem is when I save the image the outline of the baby looks pretty crummy.  I don't know if this is a problem w/ the way it was built or if I am saving it incorrectly.  Please help.  Here is the image:



      Not sure how to attach an AI file even after reading the help forums?

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          Palette-based PNGs (8bit) only have one transparency color. This is no different than GIF or legacy Windows icons. Only 24bit and 322bit PNGs can have an antialiased Alpha channel, but handling of same is up to whatever target app is displaying the graphic.



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            It looks as if you have not ticked the Anti-Alias, which is hidden away in the Image Size window in Save for Web if you use that; I believe it is easier to find, in the main window, if you use Export (I am still with 10 where it is not possible to export to PNG).