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    tables used in After Effects and InDesign, what is the best solution to both?

    garek007 Level 1



      I recently finished a project where I had a lot of tables in AE. These tables are built in InDesign and I had to export the pages containing the tables, crop in Photoshop, save EPS, then import into AE. Kind of a pain.


      I'm wondering if anyone works with tables in AE and if so, what is your workflow?


      I wanted to save each table in a separate InDesign file so that not only could I place that table in InDesign, but also import into AE. But it appears AE does not import InDesign format.


      The option I'm at now is to build each table in its own Illustrator file which will then import directly into InDesign as well as AE. Seems like the only option that both AE and InDesign can import. Sucks though because Illustrator is not the easiest when it comes to tables.