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    Experienced! Flex 3 developer needed.



      This is not a startup business  and I am not looking to take your time  for nothing!

      I have a successful project that needs to be enhanced ASAP and a Google  top position website with considerable traffic. Most visitors  are looking for us, ergo potential customers.


      I am looking for a flex developer  who knows all about Flex 3. Not looking for a paid freelance work but a very experienced partner!


      If you are just a startup or new/experimenting  with Flex, you may not be able to handle the project or the stress (wee need to be fast). Enhancing my  project should start ASAP and it may need full time (at least for a short  period / we are working 12-16 hours a day this week!)


      Note: We are having heavy traffic and  considerable sales. I need a strong background and a loyal  partner to grow and use this great potential. You will understand the  whole project when you see the details. Please do not apply for  curiosity, I need an experienced Flex developer to be my partner and  have no time to chit-chat Smiley  Thank you!