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    Problems with videoURL

    bobbytheman Level 1

      Hope this is the right form.


      My problem is I have everything in the same folder, the expressInstall. swoject.js, flv, fla and html page. My problem is the videoURL do i have it right if everything is in the same folder? My actionscript is in my flash movie and it works fine. This is the java script in my html.


      Can someone help me please.




      <script type="text/javascript">
      // <![CDATA[   
      var flashvars = {
          skinURL: "SkinOverPlaySeekFullscreen.swf",
          videoURL: "seattle_timelapse_VP6_384K.flv",
          autoPlay: "false",
          autoRewind: "false"


      var params = {
          bgcolor: "#FFFFFF",
          allowfullscreen: "true",
          salign: "tl"


      var attributes = {
          id: "main",
          name: "main"


      // ]]>