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      There's something i don't seem to understand about key frames and it drives me nuts everytime...if someone can help me, i'd really appreciate it.


      Basic example:


      I'm using 3 key frames on the position of a camera...

      First, i scrub to the end of my timeline and place a key frame at the position i would like to finish on.

      Then, i place a key frame at the beginning of the timeline at a position i'd like to start on.

      And then i place a keyframe in the middle of the timeline and tweak the x,y,z positions according to whatever important part of the image i want to focus on at that point in time.

      Now, i would expect the animation to run smoothly from 1st key frame to 2nd and then move from 2nd key frame to 3rd key frame...

      But instead, it always does some wierd calculations and i end up getting some wacked out movement between key frames.....kinda like the 2nd key frame just threw a wrench in the flow between 1 and 3.