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    Capturing with Dazzel


      Has anyone tried to capture video using the Dazzel device?  I can't get it to work with Premier Elements 8.  It won't recogonize Dazzel.  Is there a better capturing device for Premier Elements?  All I want to do is get the video off of my old VHS cassettes.

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          Paul787 Level 3

          Here's another thread where they discuss issues with using the Dazzle USB capture device:




          Better devices, at least ones that work seamlessly with Premiere Elements are the Canopus capture devices and the ADS Pyro capture devices. Both use Firewire to capture into PRE and produce very editable DV-AVI files. Here are a couple of links to those devices:






          If you simply want to burn the VHS tapes straight to DVD without any editing, there may be other ways of doing it that other posters can help you out with.


          Hope this helps.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I'm with Paul. You don't want to use Dazzle to capture video you plan to edit in Premiere Elements.


            For most of these low-end capture devices, you should only use them to capture video you plan to edit with the software that was bundled with it. (In this case, Pinnacle Studio.)


            For as little as $125, you can get a DV bridge, like the ADS Pyro AV Link. It captures video as DV-AVIs, the ideal format for PC and Mac based video editors. The FAQs to the right of this forum offer more information.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Going back a bit, the most common complaint on the Pinnacle Studio forum was that the Dazzle would not work with Pinnacle Studio, the software that came bundled with it. Actually, most of the Pinnacle capture devices seemed to just flat not work. I'm sure that some users got the Dazzle to work, but I never saw them on that forum over a few years.


              I agree with the others that the Canopus/Grass Valley bridge, or the Pyro are better ways to go.


              I happen to use another A-D device, but will be adding the Canopus 300 to my new workstation - coming soon.


              The one thing to remember is that with none of these, will you have device control, as the VHS deck is connected via composite (probably) cables. However, with your mouse in your right hand, and the VHS deck's remote in your left, it's very simple to start Capture and instantly press Play. At the very worst, you end up with a few black Frames of Video, that can be easily cut out in editing.


              One possible consideration would be the Canopus 300. It is more expensive that it's "little-brother" the 110, and the Pyro, but offers Timebase density and color correction, built in. If one has a lot of VHS tapes, this can save a good deal of time in the editing program. Note, however, that those same corrections can be applied in the editing program, and that only costs time, especially on the Export/Share end, as Effects take longer to Transcode. Still, the Captures from the less-expensive units is very good, so it is not really a quality issue - only time.


              Good luck,



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                sackettm Level 1

                Thanks Paul.  That Canopus looks interesting.  The problem is I don't have a DV connector on my PC.  Only USB.  Can you get DV to USB adaptors?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  There are FireWire to USB connectors, but I have never heard on these working with Capture.


                  FireWire cards are very inexpensive. Do you have any empty PCI/PCIe slots on your MoBo?


                  If you have a laptop, do you have a PCMCIA, or ExpressCard slot? There are PCMCIA and ExpressCards with FW chips and connectors also.


                  Good luck,



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                    Paul787 Level 3

                    As Bill says, you can get Firewire to USB adapters but I haven't heard of anyone being able to use them successfully to capture into Premiere Elements. Hopefully you have room to add a Firewire card as they only cost about $20. If you are able to add one, just note that video transferred will produce very large files (13 GB per hour of video). This is normal but sometimes people are surprised at how much space is taken up by their analog to digital conversions. When you burn to DVD the files will be converted into much smaller size files.


                    Let us know how things work out.

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                      sackettm Level 1

                      Thanks Paul.  I do have an expansion slot on my laptop for a firewire card which I will buy.  Then upgrade to the Canopus for capture.  Premier eats up a lot of memory.  I have 2 gigs and it still doesn't seem like enough.  My CPU is running at almost 100%.  That's with elements running in the background and no other applications open on the PC.  Since I'm kind of new to desktop video editing, I'm wondering if I need more memory to run this program more effeciently.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Filling up the slots on your computer will be helpful. I'd go with the full 4GB, if possible. There will be a bit "leftover," but you'll be able to use most of it. Do not forget to use 100% matching RAM, and also make sure that it is set to the new quantity in the BIOS via Setup.


                        This ARTICLE might also be useful for getting the most out of your resources for an editing session.


                        Good luck,



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                          Paul787 Level 3

                          PRE8 uses quite a few more resources then earlier versions from what I've heard so more RAM would likely be good. Several users here use Canopus products so be sure to come back if you have any other questions.