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    Safari black screen; Firefox OK


      The "black screen" posts are old, but nothing I read applies.  [My Safari works with kuler.adobe.com, as discussed on old posts]  I fixed some things that were flagged on Browser compatibility (old browsers) and did validation tests, and the page in question just passed.  I'm using Mac 10.6 (Intel) and Safari 4.0.3.  My background colors are black, but I doubt that's the cause of a totally black screen.  Safari has some "developers' tools, but nothing made any difference.


      The page I'm looking at (or trying to look at) is http://www.jfigueras.com/newsite/addedpage.html


      This is an html version of my template.  The links will not work because I've not uploaded the linked pages. 


      All ideas welcome.  Joann