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    Flakey ZEND / PHP - FB2 services. I think?

    MartyO Level 1

      this is driving me nuts


      I can use the application I'm developing ( Flex app hosted on a DV at Media Temple, mysql/apache + Zend )  - add and edit content just fine. Not a single error.


      However :-(


      Others using different OS/Browser/Network/Locations problems are getting intermittent "Channel Disconnect" errors. Sometimes it works, sometime it does not.


      I change machines/browser from my house and - still no errors!  Mac / PC, Chrome / FF / IE


      Even trying to debugg the errors from my end is proving tough - because no errors are being thrown.


      Any tips on how to find out what is going on. I use Charles my end to get at the RAW response, and this has been helpfull in the past.


      <membercontentservice:MembercontentService id="membercontentService" fault="Alert.show(event.fault.faultString + '\n' + event.fault.faultDetail);" showBusyCursor="true"/>


      Any help appreciated.





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          MartyO Level 1

          I also have a registration from - done in FB2 same services set-up, same amf-config.ini


          Same issue - some ppl reporting errors - but getting registrations through. Looks like it may be 1 in 10 maybe, can't be sure.


          Is it a FlashPlayer issue or something else?

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            David_F57 Level 5



            I would be looking at zendAMF, one thing you could do is update to the latest ZendAMF, 1.10.2 , and see if this helps the situation.




            If the host you are using has zend optimisation make sure its disabled, zend optimization is nearly as flakey as ZendAMF. Zend have been promising for some time now to improve the performance of ZendAMF( I think a lot of the issues people experience can be related back to performance, the internet wasn't designed for products that have to think to long about how they will respond to a request.).


            I don't know what the size of data is you are retrieving but if there is room to optimize what you 'fetch' that could also help.




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              MartyO Level 1

              I think that did the trick - loads of testing and no errors after update to ZendAMF, 1.10.2


              fingers crossed


              thnx David

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                MartyO Level 1

                Ah - what I actually think It might be is doing 2 calls in one function - rather  than wait for the first

                "save" call - and doing the "update" call in the response. Have changed my app and will keep testing.


                However wondering why it happens on some machines/loactions and not others. Performance on the client my trigger the request failure?