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    Rough Edges on Graphics


      I have a vector graphic which was created in Adobe Illustrator which looks rough in After Effects.  Zooming in Illustrator and Photoshop results in crisp clean edges which is what I want.


      When I place the graphic in my AE composition the edges are rough.


      I have 'continuously rasterize' turned on but the graphic is still rough.


      Toggling 'pixel aspect ratio correction, makes it look clean.


      I have tried creating different sized graphics with correct and incorrect aspect ratios but that doesn't work either.


      I have checked the output on a TV monitor but it looks the same.


      I am using CS3 on a Mac running OS 10.6.2


      The video file and comp are DVCPRO 720 (1.33)


      I just want my graphics to look as crisp as they do in Ai and Photoshop


      Thanks for your help.