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    AE CS4 to FL CS4 becomes Grayscale?


      I have an flv created from AE. I wanted this to loop without resorting to the fake loop in AE which basically repeats the same film x times so I resorted to creating a new project by adding the processed flv file twice; making the timeline twice as long; inserting two identical flv files; reversing the second flv file; then shove it a bit so that it's continuous. Everything went out as expected. The only problem is that when importing to Flash CS4, the flv file becomes grayscale for some unknown reason. How can I fix this? I wasted the better part of the day just trying every combination known.


      This doesn't make sense. Why is there such incompatibility between Adobe products?

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          What render settings do you use exactly? Does the issue appear in published SWF file ort only inside the Flash authoring environment? Where were the original source FLVs from? It is highly doubtful that there is a true incompatibility here. eitehr it's merely a preview issue inside Flash, possibly related to Alpha channels or hardware accelerated playback or a matter of your settings. Also the file could be damaged somehow. So please provide more info.