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    IE does it 'my way' again...

    brightbelt Level 1


        I'm on DW CS4 here. I added some javascript to my photo gallery to open photos into a new smaller window.


      It works fine (can you guess?) in all browsers except IE 6,7 and 8. The window opens but the photo content seems to align to the right rather than be correctly centered like it is on Every Other Browser (Firefox and Safari at least).


      Here's the url:



      I appreciate any pointers - I did go through the trouble to use Divs and to take out the tables on all my photo pages.


      Many Thanks, Frank B.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          You have a couple errors that I see.


          -  It's always a good idea to keep a doctype defined on every page.  There is none defined on the pop-up pages.

          -  line 43 - you have the following code <div><a> then on the next line you have a proper <a> link delete that <a> on line 43 because there is no closing tag to match and you cannot have an a tag inside another a tag.

          -  In your PhotoBackground.css document, line 17, "a: visited" needs to be re-written as "a:visited" the space will cause errors.

          -  For your container move the width before the margin declaration.  Many browsers read things in a top to bottom order, so without a width defined before the margin, the browser can think that the container div has a 100% width (default) and tries to center and then applies the pixel width you have defined after causing different looks in different browsers.


          See if that helps.

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            brightbelt Level 1

            Many Thanks for replying SnakEyez02. I made the corrections you suggested and I also ran DW's validation checker - I'm still learning to remember to do that.


            And I also successfully made the corrections that the DW validator suggested and I'm still getting the same right alignment of the photos in IE.

            I also tried putting a text-align: center into the mix in case that would help, but no results there either.


            I appreciate your assistance - I'm open to other ideas if you have any.


            Many Thanks,

            Frank B.

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Everything is centered here in IE8, Frank.


              Looks the same as Firefox 3.6 here.

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                brightbelt Level 1