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    Re-size multiple images


      Hi there,


      I wan to re-size multiple images in dreamweaver, they are all 200px high, but have varying heights so I can't just find and replace the code. If I re-size the source image, it continues to display them at the original size.


      Here is the site www.archivalimpulse.com


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's a bit of twisting in the description... "they are all 200 px high, but have varying heights"  The img tag  code defines the image height, so if you resize the images but don't change the code, the images will stretch to fit the specified height.


          I don't know your test situation, but you may want to clear your browser cache as well.


          I cannot tell from looking at the page what the problem is, other than numerous images in the lower section likely not named correctly.

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            To update your image width and height after resizing the source image, select the image in design view, then click the 'Reset image to original size' button next to height and width attributes in the property inspector.

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              anecdote1 Level 1

              Brilliant, that's just what I was looking for, Thanks!