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    Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3

    Mark.P. Level 1
      I'm building a pretty simple component in Flash and need to access a few things that sit on the application in Flex. Here’s what I have in Flash:

      1 - A "Radar", flat circle that I can plot point on.
      2 - Pointers (dots) that are the points to be plotted on the radar.

      Each dot represents a project on the Radar. Once I get the XML (in Flex) that holds some basic info for all the projects, I'm passing some of that info (id, title, startDate, endDate) into an array in the Radar class. That's what I'm using to plot the points. Then my class for the points on a click event needs to pass an id to a web service that gets the rest of the info of that project to be displayed in another component in Flex. And that's the part I can't get done. I can't seem to be able to see anything on the main Flex app (functions, vars, you name it).

      I'd like to invoke my web service from the Flash component. Can anyone lend a hand in this? There must be a way to access the vars, arrays, etc. from the Flex part of this.

      Here's the basics of the Flash script....

      addEventListener("click", clicker);

      protected function clicker (event:Event):void {
      //web service
      //get's the date in a main movieClip in the Flash
      trace((parent as MovieClip).dates);