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    Rendering Issues using redgiant plugins premiere cs4



      i have edited a interview, which i shot and then i applied redgiant effects of them. when trying to render it out, the rendering stops at 30 - 40% it just would not go any further. there are three cameras which were used in the shooting one was the canon xh a1, panasonic semi pro camera, and a sony semi pro. which were then merged in premiere pro to give views from different angles, just like interviews are done. the problems i am facing is that the end product would just not render out. the effects which i appiled on the project are, looks, mojo, and colourista, all of which are redgiant products.

      the project renders out fine without the effects but with the effects it just gets stuck.

      any help will be greatly appriciated, as i have been waiting for weeks to find out the solution.


      thankyou in advance.