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    Can't set default view for optional editable region


      I have an optional editable region called "short"in a template page . Under the basic tab in properties I uncheck the "Show by default". In t he Advanced tab I select "none" for parameters as I want the user to be able to set the visibility when working on the page that has that template applied and by default, I do not want this region to show.


      When I go to a page that has that template attached to it and apply the template that has the optional editable region "short" that I just created, the "short" region shows, despite the fact that I had unchecked show by default.


      When I go back to the template page and select "edit" for the optional editable region called short, the default box is now checked and under the advanced tab, the workd"short" is now in the parameters. No matter how many times I change this back to where I wanted it and re-apply the template, I get the same results.


      Can someone please help me out here and tell me what's going on.