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    page content converting


      Hi all,

      I'd like to send someone electronically  content of each page of my site created in DW CS4. I'd like to preserve the look and layout of each page the way they appear on the website when someone looking at it in a browser.  Preferred format is .pdf.

      How do I convert each page into that format or any similar?

      I appreciate your advise. Thank you much, Ben

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          370H55V Level 4

          Two ways I know to do this.

          If you have Acrobat Pro, you can open the web page in a browser (locally or online) and either click File>Print or hit Ctrl+P. Then in the Print dialogue box, choose Adobe PDF as the printer and print a PDF of it. If you want hyperlinks active, use Acrobat to create a PDF from a web site and select either the local site's index page as a starting point or the online site's index page.


          If you are using a Mac, you can create a PDF from the print dialogue box without having Acrobat Pro installed. You just choose Save as PDF from the drop down.


          There are third party PDF creators for Windows too, but since I've never used any of them, I don't know any to recommend.