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    RoR Help with DataGrid for drag & drop Values with web services creating a Sarbanes Oxley Application!!!

      I'm trying to create a Sarbanex Oxley Application using RoR [ Ruby on Rails ] and Adobe Flex. The concept is fairly simple:

      3 Main Tables [ Databases , Servers , Applications ]
      3 Join Tables [ Databases-Servers, Databases-Applications, Server-Applications ]
      The relation on the join tables is 1 to Many. that means one server can have multiple databases or multiple applications etc...

      Ok the Ruby on Rails let me create the web-application, trying to use the HTTP Services with XML to complete my application found a problem with DataGrid.

      I have 3 Canvas in my Flex application in a Horizontal Alignment. the left is for example the array from the rails xml for the Servers, later my goal the join table empty at this time. the last dataGrid is the rails xml for the Databases. What I'm trying to do is to be able to drag or click and automatically select a particular server to be added to the join table later another click on the databases list and propagate to be considered as the new join record.

      DataGrid did not like the click, I needed to use some text field to propagate my clicks, It's ok, I can click the Servers and retrieve the name later click on the Databases and populate in my two text fields, the question of the million

      How can I populate in a hidden way the value of the ID of the Server and the Value of the ID of the Database since is the only data that rails will be required to make the insert into the DB ??? I wonder if DataGrid can populate more than 1 value to send me that information that is included in the XML ???

      The other question is, is there a way to validate if the Join selection that I'm making does not exist already in the DB Join table for the Servers& Databases ??? perhaps some Action Script to see if that join does not exist already in memory and alert or prevent duplicated inserts ???

      Thanks in advance for any suggestion !!!.

      Best Regards Dino.