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    (Error) URI has a authority component


      i recently uninstalled Flex 3 Builder Beta 1 et AIR Beta 1 for Beta 2

      When i create empty and simple FLEX AIR project, i build and run without problem
      After, i created another AIR project with Colfusion settings and get this error when i click RUN !! :

      Laucnhing toto (time of error: October 3, 2007 11:05 AM EDT)
      Reason: URI has a authority component
      INternal error occured during : Lauching toto
      URI has a authority component.

      Okay, i tried to import a existing projects with COLDFUSION settings and i dont get this error !

      Kinda weird to me and Beta 2 is not better than Beta 1 if im no wrong !

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          mightydev Level 1
          okay i solved the problem

          From "properties"
          Into "FLEX SERVER"
          Root folder = \\\wwwroot\Flex\
          Root URL =

          Into "Flex Build Path"
          Output folder was = \\\wwwroot\Flex\Toto2CF-debug
          cause this path was taken by ROOT FOLDER field value !
          i changed to M:\FLEX\Toto2CF-debug

          quite strange because this M:\ is same path than \\\wwwroot\
          And Flex Builder Beta 2 dont want to work properly. You must to change yourself this "OUTPUT FOLDER"