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    Wrong App. Bar in Dreamweaver CS4




      Really need help on this one!


      I just crashed Windows7 and had to reinstall, along with it my Dreamweaver CS4.


      It's fine except the Application Bar across the top FILE, EDIT, VIEW, etc. has been replaced with
      "menus/DWMenuFile | menus/DWMenuEdit | menus/DWMenuView", AND the pull down for each

      has MANY sub-menus with "Menus/DWMenu" EXTREMELY annoying.


      How did this happen and how can I get back to my "plain vanilla" application bar as I've been accustomed

      to since CS2!


      There's very little help out there for this issue, I WOULD REALLY appreciate anyone that can help with this!


      Thank you!


      Gary Brantdw nav bar error.jpg

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Something is very corrupt based on that screenshot.


          Did you clean install Windows 7?


          If so, the only solution I can see is to reinstall Dreamweaver.

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            garybrant2 Level 1

            I figured it out with some help from your group.


            I had to delete both CONFIG. files which are found under:


            Corrupted file cache


            Dreamweaver creates a cache file called WinFileCache-********.dat or

            MacFileCache-********.dat inside your personal Dreamweaver configuration

            folder (the asterisks represent a series of letters and numbers that might

            differ from computer to computer). This occasionally gets corrupted causing

            instability, unpredictable error messages, and even crashes.




            To solve the problem, close Dreamweaver and delete WinFileCache-********.dat

            or MacFileCache-********.dat. Sometimes, deleting this file is not

            sufficient, and you need to delete your personal configuration folder in its




            I had to actually delete the personal config folder, which rebuilt when I

            relaunched DW, and all is fine!



            It's a great fix, and easy!



            Thank you so much,




            Gary Brant, Manager

            140hours® - a Nevada Corporation


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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Good to hear.


              I'm surprised the Config files were corrupt after a fresh re-install though.