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    not overwriting server files still unresolved


      Reposted from a 2009 post in a 2007 thread:

      DW CS2 was overwriting server files on PUT all the time, and now sometimes doesn't. GoDaddy.COM tech support suggests it is likely a DW issue. I agree.


      I upload an update to a file already existing on the server such as HTML, PHP, JPG, etc. At times, the file simply will not update on the server. When this occurs, I've gone to dual (remote/local) view to watch the activity. I use the PUT button, and no update. I drag-drop the file directly to the correct folder, and no update. But...if I manually delete the server side file, then use the PUT button or drag-drop, the new file is then the correct file. Simply refusing to update on the server...but only sometimes. Whether using PUT or drag-drop, the file appears correctly in the desired folder, so it wasn't being sent to an incorrect server location.


      Doug - couchdouglas@aol.com


      Added information:


      When these things have occurred, at times out of necessity and to check whether it is a server-related issue, I have used a couple other freebie FTP software to upload the same files. In every case, with each other software, the files uploaded which has just refused to properly update when uploaded using DW, would update on the server properly.


      If people on this forum, watching these problems do not have an answer, that is something I can accept easily. But if some of those people are Adobe staffers, and it is not thoroughly investigated toward an end of resolving these issues, I find that highly objectionable. The 2009 post above was with reference to using DW in CS2 in Windows XP. I am now on a new machine, using Windows 7. At least most of the time, this particular anomaly is not occurring...but then I haven't been doing as much web work lately, so might not have run into it as it is a now and then style anomaly.


      Only time will tell if the anomaly is still present. I can't really remember if it has surfaced in Windows 7. If it has not and does not, this "may" be an indicator that the problems lie in the relationship between DW and Windows XP...rather than only being about DW. I do not think it is the server in any case, as other tests indicate it is DW-specific. GoDaddy has checked and has found nothing which would prevent the files from updating correctly.


      Someone in the other thread mentioned the case where a file inadvertently gets uploaded to the wrong folder. While that is not typical, it IS possible and I have to admit having been guilty in that area before...very "egg on face." So for anyone having such difficulties, DO scout around and make sure the correct updated file is not actually sitting somewhere else on the server wondering why no one accesses it. But I still hate dealing with Adobe...maybe because they've become rich producing good software, and I'm just a lowly tag-along.


      Doug - couchdouglas@aol.com