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    Regarding the Ap Div




      I have some kind of a problem when it comes to using ap div.


      I position my Ap div the way i want in Dreamweaver, but when I test it on a browser (Both Firefox & IE) the position of the ap div differs from where I want it to be although as I mentioned it's perfectly positioned in Dreamweaver.

      I used to adjust the position of the ap div in dreamweaver by adding like 150 px to it's "Left" to overcome this problem but it's alittle bit annoying.


      So I hope some 1 would tell me what the heck is goin on , Thanks.

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're aware that APDivs are absolutely positioned?


          So they appear at the exact coordinates where you set them in the code.


          If your page moves around behind them, or margins and padding are different in various browsers then it may seem that the APDiv has moved when, in fact, the page content behind has moved.


          Can you upload an example of what you're dealing with and provide a link?

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            popzorz Level 1

            Omg, lol


            I thought they were static by default

            I realized how stupid I am right now, haha

            Thanks for ur help m8