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    Developer/partner needed for a very serious Flex 3 project.

    Yatko Level 1

      This is not a startup business  and not another "brilliant idea", it is a running project that needs further development ASAP.
      I own a Google top positioned website and the related product/service. We are growing every day and facing new challenges that needs human resource.
      I am looking for an experienced Flex 3 developer, who knows all about Flex 3. I'll try to tell more details after contacting each-other.


      I need a strong background and a loyal partner. You will understand the  whole project when you see the details.


      If you are just a startup or new/experimenting  with Flex, you may not be able to handle the project! Please do not contact me for  curiosity, I need an experienced Flex developer to be my partner and  have no time to chit-chat
      Thank you!