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    How can I increase/decrease frame rate gradually in AECS4?


      Maybe if I explain the footage will be easier. The video is 20 seconds long at 30fps. And what happens in the video is that we are driving a car at 40 mph (from sec 0s to 7s). Then we start slowing down to a complete stop (from 7s to 11s) and then we accelerate to reach 40mph again (from sec 11s to 15), to finally maintain 40mph for the rest of the video (15s to 20s).

      So what I'm trying to accomplish is to instead of showing a car slowing down to a complete stop and then accelerating again, I want to show a car that never stops. Any ideas on how to accomplish that?. I thought that it maybe be related by increasing/decreasing frame rate but I don't even have idea on how to do it.

      Thanks so much.