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    What happens when AIR minimises?


      I've been wrestling with some memory leak problems in AIR; what should be a fairly tidy application is taking ridiculous amounts of system memory, and while I've tried most of the recommended techniques for improving performance, I've noticed nothing helps anywhere near as much as simply minimising and restoring the application. Before minimising, the app uses 100MB of RAM, even though Flex Profiling indicates it should be no more than 10-20MB. After minimising and restoring, all the data and displayObjects are unchanged, but the app uses exactly the 10-20MB Profiling says it should. My question is this: what actually happens when AIR minimises? It must be something more than just the garbage collector running, because forcing the gc through flash.system.System.gc() has some effect, but nothing on the same scale of magnitude; is there a complete description of this somewhere? Can this behaviour be forced without minimising?