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    problems with cs4 and i7


      hello everyone

      im new here so apologies ahead of time if im posting this in the wrong part of the forums.

      i have just purchased adobe cs4 design premium and a brand new puter with i7 cpu 920 @ 2.67ghz. for some reason my adobe applications keep freezing on a regular basis (2-4 times per hour) to the point where even ctrl alt delete doesnt work and i have to reset the machine. and its only with adobe programs.

      im running windows xp home edition sp3 32 bit with 4 gig of ddr3 ram, geforce gt240 graphics card 1 gig ram.

      has anyone else had these problems? any ideas why this may be happening? ive changed my anti virus software three times thinking it might be something to do with that but doesnt seem to make any difference. im losing my mind here

      many thanks,



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