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    Lost audio after lifting into new sequence- PP CS4


      I lost audio after lifting clips from an imported sequence into a new sequence. Any help?


      Incidentally, the audio was there after lifting clips using the Source monitor after importing the sequence from other projects, but that didn't last. I reimported the sequence again and relifted, and got audio again, but that too didn't last.



      The assets to the imported sequence are all there in the project bins for the imported sequence. The soundbooth fixed audio tracks play in the Source screen, but the imported sequence has no sound (flat line in audio track- no wave forms). No changes inspite of rendering both audio and video.


      The imported sequence came from another project which plays fine by itself in it's own project.


      There is no hardware or setting issues I know of since other sequences not requiring importing but was created within this new project plays well.


      Appreciate your help