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    IMporting Excel Spreadsheets


      We recently upgraded RH in our company from x5 to HTML 6, build 099. In a project I worked on with X5, I had imported Excel spreadsheets saved as html and generated a primary layout without any problem. However, in 6, when I would generate a layout, it would get to Updating Files and RH would crash without any error. I narrowed it down to 10 html files that were all Excel spreadsheets saved as html and imported into my project in x5. If I deleted those 10 files, the project would generate the layout. If I imported any of those files, it would crash again.

      To recreate the spreadsheets in RH wold just be too time consuming, and really inefficient as I expect to get regular updates on these spreadsheets to have available on this website via our intranet. Has anyone encountered this before? and recommendations?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi BradPrid and welcome to our community

          Did these spreadsheet files have any conditional text applied? If so, I believe a problem exists with merged table cells (which seem quite likely coming from Excel) when you use conditional text.

          If you can't seem to sort it, one thought would be to simply import the Excel HTML files as baggage files. Then simply link to them or maybe use redirects.

          Cheers... Rick