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    Upgrade Now button launches GoLive


      Each time I re-open Digital Editions 1.7.1 I get a 'Upgrade Available' dialogue box (which expires in 10 days and counting-down). If I hit 'Upgrade Now', my computer launches GoLive and goes nowhere.  I've tried visiting the Adobe site to download an upgrade, but there doesn't seem to be any link/page available.  How can I change my system so that clicking on the Upgrade Now button launches my browser (firefox) to the correct URL, or alternatively, what's the URL so that I can manually visit the correct page and do a download?

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          wendsplanet Level 1

          Eventually my 10 days ran out and my ADE continued to launch Adobe GoLive rather than launch my browser and head to the relevant URL so that I could upgrade.  ADE then shut down and I could no longer use it.


          Solved my problem, I used the link to the download Digital Editions stand-alone installer for a manual instal - follow link on http://www.adobe.com/devnet/digitalpublishing/


          Installed no problems, program launched with my installed books in the library.

          I guess from now on when I get the message to upgrade, I'll have to do a manual instal.