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    Scaling a Custom Component? (pressing a button)


      "To resize a custom component, edit the components content"


      Does that mean edit in Photoshop?? I can't find anywhere to scale the object. I have a button and I want it to scale down as I press it...


      I basically want an easy way to make an image into a button that looks depressed or something when you click it...

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          Greg (Adobe)

          It means to edit the component in Catalyst.


          For example:

          1) Draw a Rectangle

          2) Choose the Arrow tool. Right-clck on Rectangle and choose Convert Artwork to Component > Button

          3) With the Button selected, notice that the HUD displays "Edit Button Appearance" with Up, Down, Over, and Disabled choices. Choose one.

          Or, you can double-click on the Button.

          4) In either case, you will enter what is called Edit-in-Place mode, where you are now editing the definition of the Button.

          5) You can use the Catalyst drawing tools to change the Button so that it looks different in the Up and Down states.

          6) Use the bread crumb bar above the ArtBoard to exit Edit-in-Place mode, or double-click outside the Button.


          Hope this helps,


          -- Greg