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    Combining 2 sprites into new cast member


      Hi all,


      I have an inquiry about something that seems simple but is turning out to be very hairy.


      I want to combine two sprites as they appear on the stage relative to each other (with their sizes, positions, colors, and transparencies) into one new cast member WITHOUT doing the ordinary "screen capture".


      I don't want to do screen captures because the size of one of the two sprites will be larger than the screen. (It will be larger than the screen because it will have a high DPI for printing out.)


      What I am looking for is something like the way you can draw lines using Lingo. You don't draw them on the stage, but on a Bitmap cast member which can be any size at all. What I'd essentially like is to use one cast member or sprite as a "pen nib" that I use to draw on a bitmap cast member, but have the results be permanently rasterized on that bitmap as I draw.


      I hope this makes sense, Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.