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    Updating flex application in browser during development

    Maxim Veksler

      Hello Forum,


      I'm new to Flex.


      I was wondering what is the quickest way to getting my changes written in Flex Eclipse Plugin to the browser.

      I'm currently running Flex from eclipse, I have a launcher that fires explorer with the Flex app in it. The trouble is that for each change I do I need to close the browser, launch it again from eclipse, login, naviage to the correct location - And only now I can see if my changes are good.


      I would be happy to skip several steps in the process, if not all of them to getting my changes to apply faster to the app.


      Any ideas about how this can be done?



      Thank you,


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          AdrianWiecek Level 3



          I know it's a hell, but you can definitely make your life easier.

          On your login form you can create a button - LoginNow - when you click on it, you will automatically pass "hard-coded" credentials to your service. By using this method you will save some time without typing and typos. Your button can also have logic to navigate you to desired location. And lastly, modular development would be very handful. You test your modules separately, not a whole application with modules, and when your modules are ready, you plug them all to your app.



          Adrian Wiecek

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            Maxim Veksler Level 1

            Yes, I guess modular approach would be somewhat of a compromize (all in all this is the best practice design pattern anyway).


            As for now, I find that if I do a F5 on the browser windows during a development session and I have chages to my code the reloaded RIA show the new version and I can even continue debugging the app. This is some kind of compromise. Yet I would love to know about any approach that allows me to faster the code-to-test process.


            Thank you,