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    swf decompilers


      i have seen some swf decompilers .i decompiled my flex swfs using those tools and i saw source code of my application .there was some urls i had used for data handling . is it problem for my flex application? i wish someone comment on this pls? thanls

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          I don't know if it's a problem in your application, but you can always load your service URL's from a XML config file at runtime. I think this way they won't be visible after decompilation of your swf.

          But if someone wants to look where your request are sent, it's not a problem. He will just use web debugger like Fiddler and see the outcoming request URL's. But config XML file is a good idea, because your development services are usually on different severs than your production environment. This way you can change your service destinations without recompiling swf.



          Adrian Wiecek

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