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    A stability/bugfix update is coming soon for Fireworks CS4!

    Michel Bozgounov Level 2

      Great news! Read here:




      As you know, Fireworks CS4 has some issues remaining, that were not solved by the latest patch. The Fireworks Team and Adobe were listening! So a soon-to-come patch (2-3 months from now, I think) will try to address some of the most serious problems remaining in Fireworks CS4 -- the "crash on quit", and various other serious bugs that exist on the Mac and Win version of Fireworks CS4.


      Please, post any important issues that you experience in Fireworks CS4 here:



      Select "Fireworks" in the drop-down list, and describe the bug the best you can. All info that you will post this way will be directly received by the Fireworks team and investigated!


      Your feedback is needed by the Fw team, so here's your chance to be heard, and to see soon a much more stable and better working Fireworks CS4! So please help!