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    How to save files from server to desktop's folder?

    zerodevice Level 1

      Hi, I'm a new user for Flash Builder and Flex.

      My only experience which I am average at is Adobe Flash CS3.


      Now my story is that I have a .php file that will list out all the file's url from my server.

      And I wanted to build something like a .swf (or any app) that is hosted on the same server to allow user to click on the "download" button and download it.


      But before the user download the files, the user will have to "browse" a folder to save all the files. (like in most windows app that does file saving or downloading.)


      So how do I allow user to browse a directory path and allow file saving to the path?


      I'm a total noob, so i'll need some guides to setup whatever that is needed.

      I've downloaded the latest Flash Builder, so what's next?

      I download FLEX? or AIR (i dont know if AIR is even downloadable or not?)


      What are the syntax for downloading file and select folder path for download?


      You don't have to give me everything or spoon feed me.

      All i need is just some links to some useful sites that has some good tutorials or at least give me a few keywords for me to google it.


      Anyway, Thanks in advance.


      From: Zero