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    "Premiere Elements Could Not Load Any Audio Drivers"?!?!


      I'm still on PE2 (it's basic, but basic is all I need, and I don't want the bells and whistles that the later editions have).


      I've used it on my computer for years. But today when I tried to open the program, I got the message: "Adobe Premiere Elements could not load any audio drivers. Please reinstall Adobe Premiere Elements and start again."


      I popped the disc into the computer, and first tried to just repair whatever was wrong. Didn't work; same message. Then I uninstalled the whole program and re-installed it. Didn't work. Same message.


      Does PE need to use audio drivers that ought to be on my computer, but which have been deleted somehow? How would I know what those are, and how to re-load them?


      Thanks guys, for whatever help you can offer!!