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    PRE4 Crashes loading media - "system memory very low"


      I'm running PRE4 on a new PC with WinXP, with 4 GB memory.  I'm trying to make a DVD from a bunch of short vacation clips made on a Flip camera as MP4 files, which has not been a problem in the past with other, actually longer projects (that used a few, long clips).  When I do Get Media and add these clips, I only get as far as adding about 25 clips ( 800 MB), when I get a message that PRE is "very short on memory, please save your project and proceed with caution." Any attempt to add more content, instantly closes PRE4. Even the saved media sometimes get lost from the project, and I now get the "very short on memory" message when I first re-start PRE.  Rebooting hasn't helped.


      I'm using the project's own drive as the scratch disk, but it's very big, with at least 650 GB of free space.


      What's frustrating is that the "free" Flip softwarer handles the whole project fine, but I much prefer the Adobe prog.


      Any ideas about this problem? 4 GB memory seems pretty good for a 32-bit system. Is there a fix in the settings or preferences that might help?  Thanks!