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    Site Vey Slow


      I am making a site in Dreamweaver CS4 and it has suddenly become  painfully slow. It was working perfectly fine yesterday. My antivirus  (nod32) has not been scanning, and even so I excluded the /Program  Files/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS4 and the  /User/Appdata/Roaming/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS4 directories from scanning. I  have used a program to free up RAM and clean my registry (CCleaner,  which I have never had problems with). I have restarted Dreamweaver  several times. I have made sure that Design Notes was turned off. I have  restarted my computer. I have checked the site settings (although it's  quite possible I missed something). I have deleted my configuration  folder (/Appdata/roaming/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS4/language/configuration). I  have deleted the site cache. Last but not least, I loaded the last site  I made, and it had no lag and was the normal speed. Thanks in  advance...I need to get back to work on this.

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Have you added any extensions recently?  Have you installed any other programs or updates recently?

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            pvtryaan Level 1

            Well yes, I have installed some software recently...but not since last night, when Dreamweaver was working fine. And I currently have no extensions installed for Dreamweaver.

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              pvtryaan Level 1

              Thanks for the help, snakeyz, but I found the problem myself after an entire day wasted doing nothing. The 1x1 pixel transparent image I was using to give my content areas a transparent background (repeat was on) was causing DW to think too much, I believe. (I was using a 1x1 pixel image instead of a large image because my site has a liquid layout design). So I tried changing the image to a 10x10 pixel size. That worked. Thanks for the help, you never would have thought of that.