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    Problem viewing SWF file on the web



      I am having problems getting SWF files to play on the web. Icreated and published a movie  file from Flash CS4 and I can view it in Dreamweaver CS4 and also can preview it in the browser in DW.

      When I upload the file to the web site, however, I get a blank screenin either IE or FF and a status of “Transferring data from www.omikradio.org”which is the hosting site.And the swf never appears.

      i uploaded the two swfobject_modified and expressInstall files into the Scripts folder on the site.

      The link to the site is www.OMIKRadio.org/test2.html. Thereis also a SFW file there named test2.swf.  Neither will play.

      Also, SWF files that I create in InDesign work just fine andif I upload a SWF file from somewhere else to the web site, it works fine also.

      Appreciate your help and advice.