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    Is Flex Right For Us?




      I developed a java-based application of mid-size. It uses spring 3.0, hibernate, freemarker and html/css.


      Now that the app has gone into production, there are a lot of new feature requests that require heavy visual interaction above an beyond the basic javascript I sprinkled throughout.


      I'm mainly a framework designer, and a back-end person, so my knowledge of UI frameworks and libraries is pretty limited. I know JavaScript, but I am not on the up-and-up when it comes to YUI 3.0 or any of the platform libraries.


      Some of the requirements are basic, like having dynamic, editable tables that makes changes to the server. Like, I need to edit values on the fly or delete them without page requests. These tables also need to support the ability to move rows to other rows (essentially visually reordering them).


      Others requiremenets are to have the user to take items from one box and move that item to another box, while having pretty tight "snapping" functionality that makes it easy. Another requirement is to draw arrows from some items and point them to other items.


      Is Flex the right tool for the job? How how/long would it take to do these sorts of things? I am looking for fast development time, mainly because I want to do these requirements and just not be bothered with it. Like I said, I am not a UI guy.


      Is something like jquery or yui maybe better suited since an html/css layer is already built?


      One of the reasons I want to move away from YUI is that IDEA has crappy support for it. Since the libraries are dynamically loaded, or they are included in other freemarker files... IDEA often does not know what YUI() is, or what the type the Y variable is. It also suggests way too many methods that are not at all correct. This is just not productive way to program in my opinion.


      Is Flex right for us?

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          hidarikani Level 2

          You can do editable tables and drag and drop with Flex.

          You will have to read some tutorials.

          You won't have to test your code in all browsers.

          You might have to modify the server side.

          You will have to get used to Flex Builder which is based on Eclipse IDE.