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    FB4b2 Trial period bug?




      I'm running WinXP, SP3, and have downloaded the Flash Builder 4, beta 2 software to try after going to an Adobe roadshow.


      All was going well, bosses impressed etc etc, until I hit what seems to be an incorrect trial period. I currently have a purchased copy of Adobe Web Premium CS3 which all runs just fine. The reason I think there's an error, is because I downloaded and installed the beta trial of FB4b2 on my *personal* computer at the same time as my *work computer* - but only my work computer has told me that "this is the last time I can open the product". According to my personal computer I have 32 days remaining (which is accurate).


      Is it that I can simply uninstall/reinstall FB4b2 as it is trial software in beta mode? Any and all suggestions welcome!