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    Camera zoom to certain spot

    nemci7v Level 1

      Hello all I have a large image in in a smaller composition and I'm trying to zoom in on a certain spot but the camera zooms only on the center. I tried moving the anchor point but that didn't work. Is it possible to zoom in wherever you want to without position keyframes?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm not quite clear what you are describing. If it's strictly 2D, you don't need a camera at al land just animate scale, position and the anchor point. If it's a 3D-ish zoom with a camera, you can't possibly go without some keyframes somewhere, I just don't understand what you are having difficulty with.



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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Instead of using the "Zoom" feature of the camera, try moving the camera closer to the image with the camera tools.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you're trying to animate the camera zoom control you have two options. First, have the camera orientation set to point of interest. Now the point of interest points to the center of the frame. Change the position of the point of interest and you change the framing of the zoom. It is difficult to see and animate this point. You can simplify the process by attaching the point of interest of the camera to a null using an expression. Simply hold down the Alt/option key and click the stopwatch variable for point of interest in the timeline and then drag the pickwhip to the position property of a 3D null.


              The second option is to have the camera orientation turned off and use the orientation or rotation controls to point the camera where you want it to look.


              Neither of these options is as easy as simply animating the position of the camera. Information on basic expressions, camera orientation and animating in 3D space is in the help files.

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                nemci7v Level 1

                Thank you all for the help! I eventually just used the zoom property without a camera.


                @Rick, thank you for the explanation! I'll look into that.