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    PhotoshopServer.exe (Microsoft Error, needs to close)


      Upon importing a .PSD file into Premiere CS4 that I just created in Photoshop CS4, the file fails to import, as before I am given the dialogue to select the type of import (Individual Layers, Sequence, Merged Layers, etc), a microsoft windows error dialogue appears and says PhotoshopServer.exe needs to close. I have just now checked for updates, and I have attempted restarting Premiere, and then attempted restarting my computer, and the same result happens every time.


      Other .PSD files seem to be imported without an issue. I have one hypothesis, although it does not make sense: There are 23 layers in the photoshop file that fails to import, and previous files (with fewer layers) have imported without a problem. However, I have tried separating the file multiple times, and it still fails to import.


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


      //Josh Reed

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          Huntrex Level 2

          Hello Emucruxes and welcome to the forums.


          So is this error occurring in just this this one .PSD file? If you get a chance, can you post a copy of the .PSD and I'll see if I can successfully open it in Premiere?


          If you don't need layers you can just save the image as a JPEG until this issue is resolved.

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            Emucruxes Level 1

            Hey, Huntrex, and thank you.

            It does seem that this problem was centered around a single .PSD file, and tedious as it was, I had to go ahead and save it into individual layers (23 different targa images, because I needed an alpha layer which jpegs do not seem to have) and then import each of them, to serve my purposes in Adobe Premiere.


            So I essentially worked around this problem, however, I am still definitely  interested as to why this PSD did not open; it does seem to post a possible inconvenience for future projects. Should I post the .PSD file using the "insert image" link above, or should I upload the image to an external hosting source and reply with a link to it?

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              Huntrex Level 2

              Josh, I think the best method would be to upload the .PSD to an external server and post link to it.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Did any of your Layers have tiny dimensions for say a Smart Object, a Shape, or similar? Those have caused issues for others.


                As you note, JPEG does not support Transparency. PNG, PSD and TGA do.


                Glad that you found a workaround, but do check that PSD and all of its Layers.


                Good luck,




                PS - also as a test of that PSD, do you need each and all 23 Layers for animation, or can some be Merged? If they can, do that, for all that CAN be Merged, and do a Save_As to test with.


                If you have Adjustment Layers, I'd also Apply those, as is necessary, prior to the Save_As and test. Just thinking here.

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                  Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                  I vaguely remember that there was one bug with the CS4 Photoshop support layer, namely, if you had a layer that was really small (like 25 pixels or less), this would cause a crash.  I suspect that it's something similar, ie one specific layer is doing something to put it in a tizzy.  You could try duplicating the psd file & delete one layer at a time until you find what's the trigger.